Do Not Let Google Capture You As A Villain

Search engines such as Google, would continuously crawl over sites in order to assort and provide the best quality sites on the search engine results to the users. People are competing to tweak their web design, code, and content to make it more SEO-friendly and comply to search engines’ algorithm. Even though everyone is doing this, SEO Malaysia knows some people are not doing it the right way and risking their sites to get banned by Google. To educate all website owners or SEO people, SEO Malaysia shares some tips on what actions can make Google think of you as villain:

  • Keyword stuffing

Keyword stuffing is repetitively using the same keywords within a single page to make the page appear to be more relevant when those keywords are being searched.

  • Invisible text

Invisible text is when the color of your text is the same with your background. This counts the same as keyword stuffing.

  • Tiny text

Tiny text is when you slip in tiny text containing your keywords, in irrelevant pages to those keywords, just so those pages would appear in search engine result pages.

  • Page redirect

Page redirect is implementing codes on the first page to automatically redirect visitors to another page that has no relevance to the search query.

  • Meta-tags stuffing

Meta-tags stuffing is using a set of irrelevant keywords in the meta tags. The keywords has nothing to do with the content on the page.

  • Link-based manipulation

Link-based manipulation is somewhat similar to page redirect but in the form of document. The first document would include a link to another document in hope to increase rank on the second document which has no relevant content to the initial search query.

If you see all the actions above, they are actually lying to the users, directing them to irrelevant content from their search query. Therefore, Google often penalise sites that did those actions above. SEO Malaysia knows how to avoid getting penalised, and you should to. Learn how to do it the right way now!