Frozen Food Has Gone Bad

Are you a fan of frozen food? Does not matter if it is wholesale frozen food Singapore or frozen food of high quality from New Zealand, frozen food is still frozen food and it has its due date. Have you ever experienced the food in your fridge suddenly smells off or has weird marks, texture and ecotourist over time? Well, those are actually some signs you should be paying attention to in order to deter whether your frozen food has gone bad or not.

First of all, know when it’s freezer burn! You often see this on ice cream when it has crystalline lining on top of it. However, how do we tell if meat is undergoing the same process? Well, as for beef you can tell by looking at dry spots which usually appear grayish or brownish in color. The discolored spots are actually proteins. This happens due to the meat which is not being properly wrapped, thus, letting air inside and come in contact with the meat’s surface. It can still be eaten, but believe me, the taste will not be as fresh as it used to be.

Next, texture changing. Remember how you first fell in love with the looks of the vegetables, (inside your fridge) the moment you first set your eyes on them in the supermarket? You know, that vibrant color with crisp-appearance that they used to wear? Well, if the ones you are looking at right now look dull and feel slimy, you might want to expect some difference in taste by now. Though they are still safe to eat, if this ever happen to your defrost chicken, make sure to get rid of the chicken quickly.

Another sign is when the smell of your frozen food stains your nose until you feel like puking. This is due to storage of food which is not properly packed in an air-tight container or bag. This will lead the smells of other type of food to travel to another one and stick to each other, thus, creating a mix of foul perfume fragrance.

In conclusion, look out for signs of your frozen food turning bad in order to prevent you from getting health risk diseases in the future.

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